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What is Kratom?

"Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) refers to the leaves of a South East Asian medicinal tree that is closely related to coffee. Like coffee, it has stimulating effects. In larger doses, Kratom is a sedative and supports the body’s ability to deal with everyday minor aches and pains. It has been employed for a variety of uses in traditional South Eastern medicine systems for at least several hundred years of written recorded history, but has undoubtedly been utilized since time immemorial.

 Where does it come from?

It is native to South East Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma and Laos. Who uses it and why? Traditionally, it was favored among manual laborers to provide energy, positive mood, and to help mitigate everyday aches and pains of the back breaking manual labor associated with agriculture in rural Southeast Asia.  It has also been employed as an important, life saving anti-diarrheal against dysentery in the regions that it is native.

Today, it is primarily employed as a mild stimulant similar to coffee that promotes a positive and energized state of well being. It is also an important medicinal herb that helps to relax the body and ease life’s every day minor aches and pains

How will it benefit me?

Kratom has innumerable benefits for those who use it responsibly including beneficial effects on supporting positive mood, energy, immune function, and assisting those who experience life’s minor aches and pains from time to time." (Source: 101 Guide -

What it’s not.

The Botanical Legal Defense has found that when new bills are being introduced that seek to place a number of substances onto Schedule I, that Kratom is being wrongly included on those lists, being miscategorized as a “synthetic”, a “research chemical”, or a “designer drug”. It absolutely is none of these things; Kratom is a 100% natural plant and herbal supplement that has been used safely for thousands of years. (Source: Kratom Talking Points)

State Legality To find out if Kratom is legal to purchase in your state we advise visiting the Botanical Legal Defense website.

Where can I purchase Kratom?

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