Turmeric/Cinnamon Powder Available Now

Did you know there are certain foods and spices that can make the effects of your Kratom even stronger?

They are commonly referred to as “potentiators” or “agitators”.Let us break it down for you! Kratom leaves contain an alkaloid called Mitragynine from its species name Mitragyna Speciosa. When ingested, these alkaloids bind to little receptors in your brain to induce the feelings of happiness, relaxation and pain relief. This binding is natural and is the body’s way of reacting to what we put into it, just like how Aspirin gets rid of a headache or how caffeine keeps us awake. The effectiveness of any substance, Kratom included, depends on how many receptors are available to bind with the alkaloids entering the system. Well, there are certain foods and spices that “agitate” these receptors in our brain to essentially “wake them up” and get them ready for binding.

Two of these agitators are cinnamon and turmeric. Now, we are sure you all know what cinnamon is, but if you haven’t heard of turmeric it is a root-type plant from the ginger family that is used as a spice in a lot of Indian and other South East Asian dishes. It has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and mild pain reliever for people who suffer from arthritis or other similar conditions. Combined with Kratom, though, it boosts its effects and intensifies its ability to relieve pain and lift the mood.  Cinnamon, like turmeric, also increases the potency of kratom. We at Be Happy Botanicals thought you all would appreciate it if we started carrying these two amazing products in capsule form! So, starting today you will be able to purchase 30 count bags of 500mg capsules of both Turmeric Root Powder and Cinnamon Powder to take alongside your usual dose of kratom. They will start at around $5 for the 30 count bags and if we hear from our happy customers that they wish to purchase larger quantities we will easily be able to offer them in a bigger size.

So, to that we say “Agitate those receptors, intensify your kratom and improve your relief!”

Please let us know how you feel about our two new products and we hope to hear some success stories with these new additions. 

From everyone here at BHB, thank you and be happy!

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