March Madness is Coming to the Be Happy Botanicals Store!

So why don't we have a little competition?

Whether you are a basketball fan or not, this competition is for you! March Madness is the term coined by college basketball fans for the NCAA championship games. Beginning on March 14th this year, 68 college basketball teams will fight for the 2017 NCAA championship trophy! It is custom, for fans and businesses alike, to have a competition on guessing who will win this championship every year. The NCAA provides the world with an empty bracket and the fans then fill in every spot on the bracket with the team they think will win the match-ups, all the way down to the Championship game on April 3rd!

On "Selection Sunday", March 12th, the NCAA will announce the 68 teams that will be in the competition. They will give us the first 34 match-ups and then it is up to us to decide who will win each game from there. It is customary to have your bracket finished before the first game is played to prevent any cheating on your bracket. Every year there are millions of dollars bet on who will have a winning bracket. It has come to be somewhat of a sports holiday!

Now you are probably thinking "Okay, but what about the free kratom?". That is where we come in! After Selection Sunday, once we know all the teams and the initial match-ups, we will provide you with the starting bracket and all you have to do is fill out who you think will win each game, all the way down to the championship. If you get one of the teams correct in the Final Four (the top four teams competing for a chance to play in the championship game) on your bracket, we will give you a

FREE 4 ounce bag of kratom of your choice! 

If you are thinking about skipping out on this competition because you don't watch college basketball or because you don't know any of the teams, you should't! What do you have to lose? Just take some guesses. Your entire bracket can be full of complete guesses based on no knowledge of college basketball whatsoever and you could still possibly guess correctly! You just have to get one team correct out of the four final tea*ms and you get free Kratom, so why not give it a shot? 

Below you will find a link to the NCAA March Madness website for 2017 and it gives you a lot more information that might help you make your choices. They also provide you with a sample empty bracket if you are curious of what it will look like. 
We will provide you with further instructions on where to submit your brackets and a final deadline as the event gets closer. We just wanted to give you a couple weeks to do some homework on college basketball if you needed! Stay tuned for more information.

NCAA March Madness Bracket Competition

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