Wholesale Distribution

We have recently begun doing wholesale kratom distribution. We are working directly with a supplier from West Borneo Indonesia in order to keep a constant supply of fresh, aromatic kratom. With his products we are now able to help supply other small vendors here in the United States. Importing kratom can be very difficult, so we work with customs and the FDA in order to easily and safely transport our kratom into the United States. By dealing with the importation process ourselves, it allows us to sell our products to vendors who are having trouble with their packages being detained by customs. We offer a wide variety of strains and for a little extra money we can blend multiple strains together to make a personalized mix. A strict 5kg minimum order will soon be implemented to our wholesale purchases. We usually ship anything under 25kg with the USPS but we are more than happy to work with our customers on any shipping method they prefer. If you or someone you know might be interested in wholesale kratom prices please feel free to email us at info@behappybotanicals.com and we would be happy to discuss prices, shipment and strains. 

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Be Happy Botanicals

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